The Last Queen – Cheating Sons

A few weekends back, we took a quick break from wedding videography to rediscover ourselves and our brush up our techniques by shooting a Pre-Launch Music Video promo for Cheating Sons (One of the best singapore rock & roll bands)

The shoot was pretty fun as the crowd came in once they started playing and didn’t leave til the set was over. We had abit of issue with Esplanade security as they didn’t allow us to step into the stage during the performance but we bargained for a 5min window during the breaks to do our all-essential equipment shots.

The Lighting was a challenge as it was extremely reddish on some band members in certain angles. Very different from Wedding Dinner which usually has plenty of warm light. We managed to overcome it via some on-the-fly manual white balance tweaks and also color grading in post production.

We used multiple lenses on the day but the 135L was the main test subject and we were very pleased with the results. It gives a very different dimension compared to 85mm by forcing us to frame the shots more. The sharpest is a notch better compared to a 70-200 zoom, very crucial as more viewers start to view quality via the sharpness of the film. Will definitely be using it more in upcoming projects.

The band was thrilled with the video and we’re more than happy to promote their wonderful music with this video.

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