Teacher’s Appreciation Month

I have been deeply touched by our educators and childcare teachers in Singapore. Teaching itself is a very noble job, it takes big hearts to care and love other people’s children. One childcare educator recently revealed her remuneration in an article which makes me feel for these noble angels. Her monthly salary is close to the fee that parents pay to childcare centre for a child. Most Singaporeans have great expectations on their children’s teachers , they expect every dollar spend on their child’s school fees to be worth the “service” rendered by their teachers. But what would have happened if teachers work up to every dollar’s worth of their salary?

Octopus Wedding has decided to do our part to give a treat to all past and present educators to show our appreciation. Show us your pass and we will knock 20% off your wedding videography package (std packages). This special treat will end on 25th Dec 2013.

Thank you teachers ! You guys are awesome! Sorry if the adults (ex-students of some other teachers) are ungrateful and make your lives difficult!


Quote: “Teacher’s Promo” when you email us!

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