Praveen & Channdika

An amazing love story that blossomed 8000 miles (13000km) apart.

Channdika is born and raised in Singapore but currently residing in Canada.
Praveen is a home grown Singaporean boy.

But when they are together, there is this special spark that everyone can see. This amazing sense of ONEness. There was utterly no ‘space’ between them. Yes, we have hundreds of couples but there is just something really special about this 2 people that made us want to dwell into their lives.

We cannot imagine what they have to go through in order to maintain their very healthy relationship while they are so far apart. Flying anything beyond 5 hours is like climbing mount everest to Ray as he doesn’t like Planes so travelling back and forth 2-3 times yearly must be really tough for them both but it really seems like ‘LOVE’ does conquer all time and space.

When Channdika contacted us a year ago (while she was in Canada) and when she commissioned us to film her colourful wedding, we knew this was going to be big wedding. Her leap of faith in us, gave us a whole new look into our couples’ perspective. It reminded us that we are so lucky to be able to enter someone’s personal life and see a world completely different from what we know. We are humbled. Indian Weddings are a blast to film!

So much so, we pour our heart and soul into this highlight and exceeded our ‘strict’ 4-6 minute length because their story is just so amazing to be shared that there is no other way to it.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it down.


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