Hi Ho, its been quite awhile since the last entry for the blog.

A quick flashback of 2011 as today, i sat down and reflected on the things we did in the year and how we can improve ourselves in the coming year.

As we always believed in ‘The Unique Story’ for our couples, we have been investing a lot into our gears in efforts to produce the ‘look’ that is truly to what we imagine.

Tinkering with our new stuff allow us to produce work that were beyond reach in the past and giving more freedom to our couples’ imagination. We are moving ever closer to those images we get only in movie trailers.

The business aspect has a new milestone and we’ll be introducing a few new sub areas of videography that we had undertaken intensively in the past 6 months.

It will be another exciting year for Octopus, and definitely, for our couples too.

Thank you to all our couples who encourage us through your appreciation. We slurp every bit of your love and savour every sentence of your praises.

*Special thanks to those that showered blessing and gifts for my new baby. Appreciate it. (He is already 7 mths old and has 8 teeth now LOL!)

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