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An Aerial Experience

Octopus Wedding finally flies. For years, we have been experimenting, building and practicing but to ensure safety of our clients and couples, we have been putting this program on-hold. We are finally ready to bring our work to the next level and literally into the sky. Join us in this amazing journey, there is enough […]


Teacher’s Appreciation Month

I have been deeply touched by our educators and childcare teachers in Singapore. Teaching itself is a very noble job, it takes big hearts to care and love other people’s children. One childcare educator recently revealed her remuneration in an article which makes me feel for these noble angels. Her monthly salary is close to […]

The Ultimate Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Serene was invited to a company movie event @ cathay to watch the latest movie but she was in for a huge surprise. As the trailers begin to play, Serene sees a familiar person on screen. Her reaction was priceless, and everyone in the theatre was in on it except her. It was amazing. Congrats […]

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Alan & Shirlene

Alan & Shirlene makes a very cute couple . They are both very humble and kindhearted . Her smile is so captivating that it generates warmth. His humility and sincerity are appreciated and he deserves only the best ! God bless your childlike hearts and we wish you happiness always ! What an amazing time […]

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6 tips to look awesome in your wedding video

Getting hitched ? Congratulations After putting in tons of effort into planning the perfect wedding and choosing the ultimate dress , don’t forget to hire your favourite professional videographer to capture your special day . It’s always cool to see yourself on screen in your happiest moments like a movie star . As an experienced […]

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In the Sun

Just a quick and fun pre wedding shoot with our very quirky couple. Sometimes, wedding plans are not as smooth sailing as we imagined but we are always willing to try something new to make sure your video is as perfect as you imagined it to be.

The First Kiss

Adrian & Jennifer are two innocent and pure children of God who have come together on this day to join in matrimony in Singapore. It was a pleasant surprise to many guests that today they not only get to witness their wedding ceremony, they also witnessed the couple’s First Kiss ! Their First Kiss after […]

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Stay Healthy

As we celebrate Michael & Ya Lin’s Wedding (pic above). We also have all heard enough of the Haze situation, tracking PSI as if its the stock market and profiting from selling N95 mask. We shall not bore you with anymore details. Instead, Its time time we reflect on the nice sunny days we previously […]

Flowers – Cody & Shernice

What do flowers bring to a singapore wedding? The feel of class, elegant and pure romanticism (if there was such a word). There is always something about this 2 beautiful people that led us to conceptualize such a pre wedding that is at the same time, real (as we challenge them to create their own […]

Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2012

Hi guys, We recently came in 1st runner up in the Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2012 ( We are very honoured and humbled to be selected among so many videographers and film makers. This is a key acknowledgement from the industry leaders in our work and we are very proud to see our passion and […]