Category: Highlights

The Graduation

The true story of Alan & Shirlene’s journey in their school days. Depicting their characters and courtship in that time. We are blessed to have film these two wonderful people. They were not only very attentive to our advice and directions to this film, they were also very talented which we didn’t expect. We managed […]

Praveen & Channdika

An amazing love story that blossomed 8000 miles (13000km) apart. Channdika is born and raised in Singapore but currently residing in Canada. Praveen is a home grown Singaporean boy. But when they are together, there is this special spark that everyone can see. This amazing sense of ONEness. There was utterly no ‘space’ between them. […]

Ryan & Samantha

Ryan and Sam are two “chillax” people who came to us to help them create a meaningful video that will depict their daily lives. He is a trouble maker who will wake up TO wake his wife up to make breakfast for him ! Watch what happens on their wedding day !