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Stay Healthy

As we celebrate Michael & Ya Lin’s Wedding (pic above). We also have all heard enough of the Haze situation, tracking PSI as if its the stock market and profiting from selling N95 mask. We shall not bore you with anymore details.

Instead, Its time time we reflect on the nice sunny days we previously have for shooting weddings and I hope this situation will clear up soon so we can continue shooting without having the issue of a ‘greyed out’ background. Stay healthy everyone.

*Octopus Wedding also decided that our staff’s health is more important than any form of profit so we set a limit to our outdoors shooting. None of our Staff will continue to shoot outdoors if the haze is still considered health threatening, except for Ray himself to make sure the show goes on.

Flowers – Cody & Shernice

What do flowers bring to a singapore wedding? The feel of class, elegant and pure romanticism (if there was such a word). There is always something about this 2 beautiful people that led us to conceptualize such a pre wedding that is at the same time, real (as we challenge them to create their own flowers) and also so romantic.

To be able to capture their love of each other while both of them tried a new skill is something that we didn’t expected. It was such fun to be able to film them while they were in their own world.

*A quick thanks to Angela (Shernice’s Aunt) for allowing us to film at her Florist Shop. Such a beautiful place and we really love her work of art on flowers. Do look for “By the Branch” @ China Square for your wedding flowers.

Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2012

Hi guys,

We recently came in 1st runner up in the Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2012 ( We are very honoured and humbled to be selected among so many videographers and film makers.

This is a key acknowledgement from the industry leaders in our work and we are very proud to see our passion and commitment towards high standards of filming/storytelling being rewarded.

There are 3 main points that were singled out:

1. Originality
2. Production Quality
3. Entertainment Value

This 3 point were nothing foreign to us as we push all 3 points very diligently week-in week-out for our wedding couples. We work hard to make sure we understand our couples enough to find unique points between them and their life to create a films that is theirs to hold and custom fitted to them. With our meticulous filming and search for the perfect look and all gelling together with the editing process for the couples plus their friends and family in mind.

It was also a great chance for us to keep in contact with film makers like Jack Neo and Michelle Chong. Not disregarding the fact that we connected with many of the local film makers

Finally, we are proud to be able to say that “Your Wedding is covered by a Local award winning Cinematographer/Videographer”

*Something which not many local videographers can say

Enjoy watching our short film and know that we always give the same amount passion and creativity to all our wedding couple’s film.


Nicholas’s Proposal

A very romantic proposal at Ritz in Singapore. Nicholas knows nothing about piano, with determination , he learned how to play a lee hom piece to win Teresa’s heart. His singers are none other than his band of brothers. Well planned proposal! Congrats!

First VG: YC / 2nd: Jen / 3rd: Jerlin / Edit: Ray

Rico & Celine

A revisit into one of our couples who got married a year ago. We still have new couples quoting us this particular film for referencing their ‘feel’ and ‘style’. Enjoy

Octopus Wedding

School Days

Had a very sunny day for our Pre Wedding Video shoot with Colin & Sharon at the start of this week. Always love to see our couples relating back to how their relationship started during their school days. With their big day coming, they looked back and realize how far they have came. Good job guys, continue to spread the love.


An all new look for

An all new look for

As we all survived the ‘end of the world’, we decided to update our webby. It started with the idea of a small refreshing change and it developed into a completely new concept in showing our work.

Hope you guys like it.



Love can be expressed in many different ways. A sincere look of admiration from your loved one is priceless!

Early-Bird Discount for 2013 couples

Attention all 2013 couples! In the midst of brainstorming on your theme, studio hunting, banquet searching, do not forget to book your VIDEOGRAPHERS, for it’s us who will safekeep your memories. Don’t let your beautiful moments vanish overnight after your much painstaking efforts to put up the most perfect wedding.

We are almost fully booked for 2012 and our 2013’s calendar is now open for your bookings. Next 10 couples who sign up, you are in for a BIG treat.