An Aerial Experience

Octopus Wedding finally flies.
For years, we have been experimenting, building and practicing but to ensure safety of our clients and couples, we have been putting this program on-hold.

We are finally ready to bring our work to the next level and literally into the sky.

Join us in this amazing journey, there is enough airspace for everyone.


Teacher’s Appreciation Month

I have been deeply touched by our educators and childcare teachers in Singapore. Teaching itself is a very noble job, it takes big hearts to care and love other people’s children. One childcare educator recently revealed her remuneration in an article which makes me feel for these noble angels. Her monthly salary is close to the fee that parents pay to childcare centre for a child. Most Singaporeans have great expectations on their children’s teachers , they expect every dollar spend on their child’s school fees to be worth the “service” rendered by their teachers. But what would have happened if teachers work up to every dollar’s worth of their salary?

Octopus Wedding has decided to do our part to give a treat to all past and present educators to show our appreciation. Show us your pass and we will knock 20% off your wedding videography package (std packages). This special treat will end on 25th Dec 2013.

Thank you teachers ! You guys are awesome! Sorry if the adults (ex-students of some other teachers) are ungrateful and make your lives difficult!

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The Ultimate Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Serene was invited to a company movie event @ cathay to watch the latest movie but she was in for a huge surprise. As the trailers begin to play, Serene sees a familiar person on screen.

Her reaction was priceless, and everyone in the theatre was in on it except her. It was amazing.

Congrats to Hyde for making the bold decision to go ahead with the idea (that wasn’t simple to execute) and also giving us the freedom to make sure the video is just as awesome as the plan itself!

The Graduation

The true story of Alan & Shirlene’s journey in their school days. Depicting their characters and courtship in that time.

We are blessed to have film these two wonderful people. They were not only very attentive to our advice and directions to this film, they were also very talented which we didn’t expect. We managed to get great emotions and reactions that truly defines their moment.

The audience enjoyed the film thoroughly:
“Oh my, so touching”
“Brings us back to the past!”

See it for yourself.

octopus wedding

Alan & Shirlene

Alan & Shirlene makes a very cute couple . They are both very humble and kindhearted . Her smile is so captivating that it generates warmth. His humility and sincerity are appreciated and he deserves only the best ! God bless your childlike hearts and we wish you happiness always !

What an amazing time shooting side by side with Yixin (picscanfly) again. We need to do this more often!

Watch out for their Pre Wedding Film to be posted here soon … One of the most fun pre wedding this year!

yawn groom singapore wedding

6 tips to look awesome in your wedding video

Getting hitched ? Congratulations :) After putting in tons of effort into planning the perfect wedding and choosing the ultimate dress , don’t forget to hire your favourite professional videographer to capture your special day . It’s always cool to see yourself on screen in your happiest moments like a movie star . As an experienced videographer and editor from Octopus Wedding, i have seen many faces and edited lots of videos. No matter how good my skill is, there are some stuff that cannot be edited. Let me share with you some tips that others may find it too offensive or frank to tell you.

1. Smile !! Keep smiling. It’s normal that some people are camera shy , laughing out loud when they are having fun but zombified when camera is spotted . Let your emotions go , don’t be shy . Tell yourself that your videographers are there to document your most natural self on the possibly biggest event of your life. Sometimes, we have to remind grooms and brides to relax , we are but humans . Trust us , it’s ok to show your real emotions . We won’t edit in your unglam looks into your express highlights , if any . Just relax , trust us to pick your best !

2. Keep calm . Yes , I know you are pissed when your relatives come late for your tea ceremony. It doesn’t help to be angry and black faced. Take a rest, leave it to your coordinator. This is where good planning helps a lot on your big day. Delegate jobs to your helpers , brothers and sisters . Let them do the job . Nothing is more awkward than seeing the groom or bride angry  and hurling profanities at such a joyous occasion . You were really busy planning for the day, now don’t be a busy-body, be good and enjoy the event.

3. Check your teeth ! Maybe it’s just me. As a perfectionist, I’m really observant to small things. Including small parts of your body. Be sure to go for dental cleaning about a month before your big day. It doesn’t have to be sparkly white, but stainless teeth are really attractive! On the day itself, make sure there is no lipstick mark or food stuck in your teeth. You gonna flash them the whole day. Of course if we spot any food stuck we would tell you. But if it’s a stain we can’t do much .

4. Sit straight . Remember how your mother used to tell you not to slouch? If she’s preparing you for anything, it would be this. Grooms that slouch look very unwilling. Unless you are trying to drop hints to your viewers, if not, sit straight, walk tall.

5. Be a gentleman. I know I said “capturing your most natural moments”. I really hope it is part of your nature to walk with your bride, carry the stuff if any, hold her and assist her. It’s really not easy to walk in 3inch heels and puffy gowns. As we are taking videos not photos , it is not a paused moment. It is about a flow of actions that portray you. It’s really captivating and heartwarming to see the couple’s togetherness.

6. Forget that we are there. The best moments in highlights are always unexpected. Many times they are  captured without you knowing it and you would be surprised that we even film it down.

Hope you have benefitted from this article, share it with the soon to be brides and grooms and you could help them to look awesome in their wedding videos.


Love, Jen

Cute couple

In the Sun

Just a quick and fun pre wedding shoot with our very quirky couple. Sometimes, wedding plans are not as smooth sailing as we imagined but we are always willing to try something new to make sure your video is as perfect as you imagined it to be.

Praveen & Channdika

An amazing love story that blossomed 8000 miles (13000km) apart.

Channdika is born and raised in Singapore but currently residing in Canada.
Praveen is a home grown Singaporean boy.

But when they are together, there is this special spark that everyone can see. This amazing sense of ONEness. There was utterly no ‘space’ between them. Yes, we have hundreds of couples but there is just something really special about this 2 people that made us want to dwell into their lives.

We cannot imagine what they have to go through in order to maintain their very healthy relationship while they are so far apart. Flying anything beyond 5 hours is like climbing mount everest to Ray as he doesn’t like Planes so travelling back and forth 2-3 times yearly must be really tough for them both but it really seems like ‘LOVE’ does conquer all time and space.

When Channdika contacted us a year ago (while she was in Canada) and when she commissioned us to film her colourful wedding, we knew this was going to be big wedding. Her leap of faith in us, gave us a whole new look into our couples’ perspective. It reminded us that we are so lucky to be able to enter someone’s personal life and see a world completely different from what we know. We are humbled. Indian Weddings are a blast to film!

So much so, we pour our heart and soul into this highlight and exceeded our ‘strict’ 4-6 minute length because their story is just so amazing to be shared that there is no other way to it.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it down.


Ryan & Samantha

Ryan and Sam are two “chillax” people who came to us to help them create a meaningful video that will depict their daily lives. He is a trouble maker who will wake up TO wake his wife up to make breakfast for him ! Watch what happens on their wedding day !

The First Kiss

Adrian & Jennifer are two innocent and pure children of God who have come together on this day to join in matrimony in Singapore. It was a pleasant surprise to many guests that today they not only get to witness their wedding ceremony, they also witnessed the couple’s First Kiss ! Their First Kiss after being together for 2.5 years ! Incredibly sweet and its all captured in video to be played over and over again.